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Anabolic Complex Quality Control begins well before the production of our products begins, with regular maintenance and control of all machines and equipment involved in the manufacturing process.

Development and production processes are closely monitored. During product manufacture, every step of the process is checked for compliance with pharmaceutical quality standards.

Our laboratory in Thailand, uses the latest chromatographs, every time the raw material is bought it undergoes a comparison with the standard, after which it enters the manufacture after having satisfied all the criteria. GMP certification also provides consumers with improved production standards.

Once the products are manufactured, each batch is subjected to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that each product exactly meets its specifications. Our products are also subjected to random quality tests to guarantee the quality of the product. The test results are shared so that consumers clearly understand the product they intend to buy.

We also have a tamper-resistant Anti-counterfeit control and stick on each product sold by the brand to guarantee you and all our products are original. Indeed there are plenty of laboratories in China or India with dubious practices and commercial sites offering a lot of counterfeiting.

Anabolic Complex Provides you with maximum quality control !!

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